Get a FREE beer when you refer a friend to the Craft Can Directory, not only do you get a free beer but so does your referral! Follow our steps below to find out how to refer a friend to the Craft Can Directory.


How to refer a friend?

First, you will need an account, you can register or login here. Once logged in you will notice a ‘Generate Referal Link’ button at the top of the ‘My Account‘ page.


Once you click the ‘Generate Referal Link’ button the page will refresh and you will be able to see your referral link below, you can click the expand icon to share this link via social media or simply copy and paste your referral link and send to a friend.


How do I get a free beer now?

Your friend will need to open your referral link and then register for an account on the Craft Can Directory, after their first purchase you will both be issued with £3 worth of beer points, enough to buy yourself a well-deserved beer.

You can see how many friends you have referred on your ‘My Account‘ page. Points can be redeemed on the cart before checking out.