Bespoke Can Decoration ?

Custom beverage can designed for weddings, corporate, gifts, sports clubs or just because you can have your own personalised can !

New and unique !

We’re massively excited about our new ability to put almost ANY beverage into a can with its own unique form of branding so YOU can custom beverage can

For who ?

The list is endless. Whether you have a wedding, festival, birthday or want to earn a sports club or charity some extra revenue, we can provide you with quality beverages with your very own label. The Craft Can Directory is the only place where you can get this service and we know that you will be delighted with the results.

Its not all about beer 

Whilst have packed 20 million cans of beer recently, its not all just about the hops ! We are able to put a range of beverages into cans from sodas, wines, alcoholic mixes and of course beers !! Interested ?.. Come and have a chat and you might be one of the first who has a Pink Gin and Tonic with Edible Gold Glitter in your very own can !! Lets go crazy !!

We can provide labelling on a select range of beers, ciders and just about anything else such as mixers. We can facilitate low quantity orders and also provide artwork design services.

Tell me how now !!

Get in contact with us and we will talk you through the process. Send us an email to make the introduction and we’ll go from there.

Essentially, all we need are your ideas and you’ll find that we can help with the rest.

Ordering volumes can be tiny – we have the ability to make each can design completely different so theres so much scope.

Please complete our labelling enquiry form below or email [email protected] or call us Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm on 01432 355318 to discuss your requirements.

MOQs and Pricing

In theory, we can pack any volume, but they get VERY expensive … a single can costing £160 !! But, with volumes, things then get far easier to afford. Have a look at some of the pricing below as an indication.

Beverage 24 cans 48 cans 96 cans > 200 cans >500 cans
Craft Beer £9.25 £6.20 £4.60 £3.75 £3.30
White Wine £9.75 £6.60 £5.00 £4.25 £3.80
Gin & Tonic £9.75 £6.60 £5.00 £4.25 £3.80
Pure Water £7.00 £3.90 £2.80 £1.50 £1.25
Seltzer £7.75 £4.65 £3.10 £2.25 £1.80
Quoted as price per can
Personal Labels 4
Personal Labels 3