Here we go!

Its been a long time coming !

We’re closely associated with the UK and Ireland’s most successful small scale contract canning service, WeCan Solutions.

Andy Hughes and Martin Forder formed WeCan Solutions in 2014 to ensure that smaller scaled producers could get their beers into can. Before WeCan, unless a producer could produce 150,000 cans in a go – typical contract canners would not go near them. So, the idea was born that WeCan would take the canning line to the brewery.

WeCan are now responsible for canning 85% of all new craft beers in can by Brewery. The assisted brewers in getting 1.1 million brand new beers in cans from over 100 breweries in the UK, Ireland and Northern Europe.

“We saw the beers flying out of the breweries – as fast as they could be canned they would be sold”, said Andy Hughes, Director WeCan Solutions. It seemed a good idea to have an ability to put all of the new craft beers in the UK on one place so that the public could select and buy.

The CraftCan.Directory aims to be the one place that customers are able to see the largest range of canned craft beers and ciders.


The Way Things Work

FRESH – WeCan Solutions attend different breweries every day with the 3 separate canning lines. These beers are immediately made available through the CraftCan.Directory. We know that our customers want the freshest beers. This unique partnership means that the customer will get their beer which is the freshest possible beers meaning that you are able to enjoy it at its best. We’re able to deliver beer in a can which 48 hours earlier was in the Conditioning Vessel at the brewery. Now that’s fresh!

NEW – WeCan and other breweries (we don’t just stock WeCan’s Work !) are getting new beers into can frequently. Our customers will get their hands on these 1st (bar the Brewery of course !). New, fresh, beers delivered to your door before anyone else

COST EFFECTIVE – With our unique supply chain, we’ve not got loads of hands to put your cans through – saving on time and MONEY. We pass this cost saving on and aim to be the most competitive online store – bar the individual brewers of course!

So, we’re new, go gently. Tell us what you want, what you like, what you don’t like. Let us get things right for you.


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