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Crafty Can Club

Enjoy the best premium beverages, fresh from the brewery, delivered directly to your door each month.

By joining the Crafty Can Club you will get fresh premium drinks delivered each month, you will save money, collection points and most importantly you get to try exclusive new drinks that otherwise wouldn’t be available.

  • Free Delivery worth £5.99
  • Carefully Selected Premium Quality drinks 
  • Cancel Any Time
  • From less than £20 per month

This is all about quality and freshness

Carefully canned, packaged and delivered to you fresh from the producer.

When will my first case arrive?

You will receive your first club case within 7 days of your first payment. You will then receive your case each month between the 3rd-9th, delivery is usually within 48 hours and your case will be dispatched on the 2nd of each month.

Can I pause my membership?

You can easily change, pause and cancel your beer club membership from your club account page.

Is delivery free?

Yes, club cases are delivered free throughout the England, Wales and Scotland (including the Highlands). Additional fees will apply to Ireland and the Channel Islands.

Will I receive the same beers?

No, you will receive different beers each month. These will vary each month from various breweries throughout Europe and beyond.

When will I be charged?

You will be charged immediately and on the 2nd of every month thereafter. Your first case of beers will arrive a few days from the date you joined and will then be dispatched on the 2nd of each month from thereafter.

Can I pay with PayPal?

You can only pay for club memberships with a card, we accept all major credit and debit cards. Unfortunately, PayPal is too restrictive to when users want to change their memberships. You can still use PayPal for the rest of the Craft Can Directory just not our club.

Let’s Get Started

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6 can Case

£19.80 Per Month

Free Delivery

Free delivery
Worth £5.99 with all memberships.

Discover Incredible New Drinks
Unique & new every month.

Pause, Change or Cancel
You aren’t tied in, you can pause, change and cancel anytime.

Exclusive products Available
Get access to some exclusive new drinks that aren’t yet in the market

Why choose the Craft Can Directory Beer Club?

Choose from a 6, 12 or 24 can box of the finest quality, freshest products available in the UK. Take advantage of our unique supply chain which means you will not get cheaper, quality products, online. In fact, find a supplier online at a cheaper price and we’ll match it and give you a discount on your next order.

Cancel, pause or change membership at anytime

You can cancel or pause your club membership at any time, giving you peace of mind and the freedom to change your mind. Not getting enough or maybe too much, not to worry as you can change how many beers you get each month whenever you want.

Free Delivery worth £5.99

Get free delivery on your beer delivery each month.

Freshest Premium Products available

The Craft Can Directory has access to the freshest canned drinks around, our club members get exclusive products each month often arriving from the producer the same day its dispatched to our members.

Always Unique Small Batch canned drinks

Get new drinks each month, never receive the same products unless you specifically request it. You will always have a surprise when your box arrives.

Our Featured Beverages

Selection of our featured drinks, just a sample of what you can expect to receive in your beer club membership.