The owners Martin and Andy became involved in the production of canned craft beer in 2012. Their involvement delivered the UK’s smallest contract canning service. This unique service has allowed the brilliant and local smaller brewer to get their product into cans for the 1st time. It also assists some of the larger ones to.

Frequent requests to source the cans that they produce has led them to formalised the process through what is now known as the Craft Can Directory. Our customers will be the only ones to take advantage of the largest selection of Craft Canned Beers, access to exclusive products, the quickest (and cheapest!) route to market all allowing for the best prices online.

Over recent years Craft Beer production in the UK, if not globally has increased significantly. There are now nearly 1500 microbreweries in the UK alone producing varied and premium quality beers. In 2015 we have over 100 new brands and 2016 there will be many more. Find them first here.