A little bit about us

We are a small business based in the heart of Herefordshire. Our mission is to change the way we supply Premium Beverages by shortening supply chains, lowering carbon footprints and putting more money back in the brand owners pocket. Saving you money, bringing you fresh, perfect quality premium beverages at excellent prices

Our mates at a company called BPS, happen to be Europe’s largest premium quality beverage can-packers, so as a result we are able to offer you straight from the canning line, the widest selection of drinks curated over personally by our team of craft connoisseurs.

In canning the very latest beverages from the UK, Ireland & Europe we find many asking to get their hands on the final product.

As the beverage is being canned, we will get it into the directory so that you can have the chance to have the drinks in your hands within hours! There are no wholesaler or retailer margins, there are no costs for transport to warehouses, no storage costs – just fresh, premium quality beverages straight off the lines.

Our ethos is that more of the retail price should end up with the people who designed the beverage. Our model ensures that the savings in reducing the supply chain end up where it belongs – with the people who developed the drink !

We’ll even tell you what’s about to be canned so that it can be shipped to you the day after it’s filled.

We hope you like our idea….

Who are we?

The Craft Can Directory is made up of a bunch of beer and drinks lovers in the heart of Herefordshire. After many discussions over a few beers, the Craft Can Directory was launched in 2015 to provide a small selection of branded drinks to consumers across the UK. The Craft Can Directory was an idea to make freshly made and packed drinks available to customers within the same week of canning at a price that couldn’t be beaten, we have since grown the concept to launch a drinks membership club and a range of other beverages snacks and even merchandise.

The creator, Andy became involved in the production of canned craft beer in 2014, his involvement revolutionised the lower volume drinks production in the UK. This unique service has allowed the brilliant and local smaller producer to get their product into cans for the 1st time. It also assists some of the larger ones too.

Frequent requests to supply the cans that he produced, led him to formalised the process through what is now known as The Craft Can Directory. Our customers will be the only ones to take advantage of the largest selection of Craft Canned Drinks, access to exclusive products, the quickest (and cheapest!) route to market all allowing for the best prices online.

Over recent years lower volume / high quality production in the UK, if not globally has increased significantly.

We’re quality focused. If you own a shop and buy drinks from a number of sources, you cannot always guarantee their quality. You can at the CraftCan.Directory however as NOTHING leaves us unless its of perfect quality

Andy Hughes

Managing Director & Owner

A lifelong home-brewer, Andy Hughes has a passion and experience in brewing. One of the founders of WeCan Solutions.
“For me, it’s about doing things in a different and better way”

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Paul Maccauley

The Boss

Paul joined the Craft Can Directory in 2018, tasked with driving the Craft Can Directory forward, Paul is always the core of the team often making sense of many wacky ideas and turning them into reality.

Adam Haworth

Online Operations Director

After many discussions & beers with Andy, Adam joined the Craft Can Directory in 2014 to turn the idea of an online membership service into the Craft Can Directory. Adam has been part of the online side of the Craft Can Directory ever since. Today Adam leads the online operations, ensuring we provide an excellent online platform for our customers and introducing new features and online services.

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Jason Hughes

Trade Operations Manager

Jason heads the trade sales side of the Craft Can Directory, corresponding with our trade clients and introducing the magic of real craft beer to new business across the UK and Europe. Want to sell some of our incredible craft beers in your business? Jason is the man to speak to.

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In association with
WeCan Solutions

BPS deliver the most flexible service in the UK for Premium Craft Beverage Producers. Brewing, blending and can-packing a huge range of different beverages. Its their experience which makes the difference 

BPS have all the equipment, experience and professionalism required get your product into a can. Being efficient and hassle-free we take the burden from this part of the business for you.

We are known for our excellence in quality, care, communication and flexibility. Our services range from beverage development, blending, processing, contract brewing and packaging using our static lines, distribution & resale of finished product and supply of a broad range of consumable items (including can supply at small minimum volumes).

Our target market is between 1,000 litres and 50hl for final packaging.

With an amazing reputation for innovation, support, creativity we are really producing some incredible drinks

We have perfected the canning of ‘craft’ products to ensure your beverage continues to taste as good as it went into the can.